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My Resume

 Name :-                         Saurabh Kalia                                                          

 Age :-                           19 years  

 Sex  :-                           Male

Birthdate:-                      16th March 1979 (I'm PISCIAN)

Address:-                        3/25 , Malviya Nagar , Jaipur -302017                                                                        Rajasthan , India

Present Occupation:-        1st year Medical College Student at                                         J.L.N Medical College, Ajmer  

 Miscellaneous Information.

My Family :-My father Mr V.K Kalia is a Bank Officer                                                                                                          My mother Dr Uma Kalia is a  Medical Doctor.                                                                                                     My Brother Viabhav  Kalia  is 17 and has just joined the Indian Institute OfTechnology,Delhi

My Education :- I was born at Bilaspur town in Madhya Pradesh, India .I did my Primary Education in Bhilai town and then my Father was transferred to Jaipur.                                                                                                                   I did my schooling till 10th standard in BVB Vidyashram,School,Jaipur.                                                             I took the Science stream and