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Last Updated - 27/1/99

I'm  Saurabh Kalia ,Your humble host.
I'm 19 years old from Jaipur,India . I'm a 1st year Medical student by profession and I love surfing the net for good Images.

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I have more than 200 high quality wallpapers for all those Image lovers out there.Be patient while the thumbnails load and don't forget to Bookmark this page as I would be Updating regularly.So,do check back often and Enjoy! your stay.

To use these jpg Images as Wallpaper ,Right Clickon the images when they are fully loaded on your browser & click "Set as wallpaper" in the Pop up menu , But I suggest to you a wonderful SoftwareACD SEE 32that will take care of all your image viewing and will set any image as Wallpaper with the click of a Button.Wallmaster and Panorama are the Best Wallpaper changing and managing Utilities( What more,these areFreewares !) which I recommend. You can download these softwre from any of the shareware download sites like, &

Please Sign My Guestbookbefore you leave because I need your Suggestions, Complaints(if any) & Appreciation to further Improve My site (This is my first experience in Website designing). I would really Appreciate your Opinion.

Those who would like to see their wallpapers on my site may E-mail me .I am always available for your queries and suggestions about website developing (yes, I also need some tips myself).Do visit my Homepage also.

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Disclaimer:   The images displayed inside are not to be used for profit. These images are available for free. I do not claim any responsibility for for those images not created by me.I have no intention of hurting someone's interests by displaying these images. I do not claim ownership on any of the Images found  on my site unless claimed otherwise as in my original cartoon wallpaper section.Those people who claim ownership on any of the Images and do not want them displayed on my site may contact me by E-mail I will abide by their decision.