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   Welcome Visitors. I'm Saurabh Kalia a 19 yr old Boy from Jaipur,INDIA . This Site Is Dedicated to All those   Internet Junkies (like Me) Who Waste Innumerable   Hours trying to Find good Graphics&Wallpaper On the         WEB! And turn up with someGood for Nothing Images and cheap quality Graphics & Wallpaper.

I know all this Because I have Used up a HUGE amount of my Precious Time (I'm a Medical Student For Your Information) ,Money & Effort trying to Gather Images because I think Without good Images the internet would be worthless.

So , Now Without Using too much of your time On this discussion I Would guide you to One of the Best Collections of Web Graphics with some of the Most Beautiful Windows Desktop Wallpaper Images you will find on the Web.These Were Collected By me over the last one year,using up to 400 Hours of online time.

Table Of Contents

My Wallpaper Gallery
Featuring About 200 Quality Images in Different Categories as follows:-

1 Animal WallpaperGallery - Wild animals, Exotic Birds ,Reptiles ,Pets .....
2 Cartoon Wallpaper Gallery- Walt Disney ,Warner Bros. ,Comic Heros .....
3 Natural Landscapes Wallpaper Gallery- Wild Places ,Natural Wonders .....
4 City Landscapes Wallpaper Gallery- Majestic cities, Architectural wonders....
5 Fantasy Wallpaper gallery- Fantastical Mind blowing Images, Outer Worlds .....
6 Movies Wallpaper gallery- Hollywood movies ,Stars Screenshots......
7  Flowers Wallpaper gallery-Wonderful ,Exotic ,Beautiful Flowers ....
8. Artwork Wallpaper gallery
9. Micellaneous Wallpaper gallery
10.WallpaperTiles Gallery

My Favourite Links Page-My Bookmarks & Favourites Folders contain-  ing 100'ds of Sites were rearranged and updated to build a Mammoth List Of Quality Sites Which I have Posted For Your Pleasure. Take a Peek And you won't be Disappointed.

Please Sign My Guestbook and tell me your opinion about my website.I would really appreciate your comments and effort.Thank you

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Pages Below Are Under Construction

My Utilities Page- I Have Compiled a list of Freeware & Shareware Software available On the Internet at various Software sites,Which I use and Strongly recommend for you.These software cover categories like GraphicsUtilities,InternetUtilities,Multimedia utilities & Others. Iassure you That You will not Software Better Than These Ones.

About Myself Page-And Finally a page About Me And My Hobbies.

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